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Leav-in creamy finisher treatment for extra discipline.
It can be applied on damp or dry hair and brushed.
To transform stubble, voluminous and frizzy hair.

The GOLDWELL SMOOTHING FLUID from the Kerashape Control series provides frizzy and retained hair for taming and control. The included heat shield protects against harmful heat from hot shaping tools. The fluid is enriched with keratin and silk essence and smoothes the hair's rough surface for a radiant shine and silky smoothness. With the help of the innovative KeraShape technology, the active ingredients penetrate deep into the hair fiber to build new keratin bridges, which are a prerequisite for lasting domestication.

Goldwell Kerashape Control Smoothing Fluid 75ml

SKU: TB-265204LA
R$170.66 Regular Price
R$85.33Sale Price
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